Description of the "Warehouse" unit

This unit maintains registers of documents (various invoices, the internal documents, different acts), the registry of flow sheets and guides: suppliers of goods and services, warehouses, groups of products, products used and the range of products and services of the company.

This unit allows you to:

  • Keep track of products used for cooking
  • Create a menu, taking into account the different groups and categories of food
  • Maintain a register of flow sheets
  • Calculate the cost of meals (based on flow charts)
  • Calculate the price and conditions of sale for different groups of products
  • Indicate the place of preparation for different types of dishes
  • Track income and expenditure of goods in warehouses
  • Calculate the remains of goods in warehouses at any moment in the past or in the future
  • Export any information in text format, Microsoft Excel file or Web Page for later analysis or printing


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