Quartech – Lite

Users of the Quartech - Lite system are small restaurants, bars, cafes with 50-100 seats and up to 5 waiters per shift.

The main objectives of Quartech systems are:

  • Providing a comfortable working space for waiters, bartenders and cashiers
  • Automation of accounting products
  • Maintaining tight control of actions of staff and tracking all attempts of frauds
  • Making reports on the performance of the company and employees
  • Implementation of various business-programs at the enterprise

The block diagram of system of automation of restaurant, bar or cafe

Advantages of "Quartech - Lite" system

You do not have to pay for the brand. Our prices for the automation on "turnkey" basis in the same class are the lowest in the Russian market.

Contactless cards (RFID), which are used as a discount and service cards, are much more reliable and easy to use, unlike magnetic counterparts.

"Quartech - Lite" system has in essence different architecture. Unlike the most competitors, it allows more flexibility of the system due to the possibility of its reconfiguration without disrupting the complex as a whole.

We guarantee full compatibility with the most modern equipment.

System Structure

Software of the system consists of several units for various levels of users. This way each employee works with his part of the system that fulfills his needs and, according to settings, will provide necessary information, setting him free from unnecessary and complicated actions, shielding him from data useless for his work, allowing him to concentrate on the job and reduce the possible number of mistakes.

Reference book of products is included with the supplied Quartech – Lite kit.

More information about the system units


The hardware of the system is a local computer network, which includes a database server, the workplaces of managers and waiters, specialized thermoprinters, readers of contactless plastic cards and much more. Workplaces of waiters are equipped with special TouchScreen POS terminals, which allow quickly and efficiently view and enter data. The hardware of the complex does not require expensive and sophisticated equipment and yet provides high reliability and system performance.