Description of the “Manager of the sales area” unit

This module provides the ability to monitor the work of staff in the sales area, quickly analyze the data and manage a set of services, provided to clients. One can:


  • View a summary of the results of the work for any shift (the amount of open, paid and canceled bills)
  • View the full details of the open, paid and canceled bills, discounts made, in the current shift, as well as for any period of time since the opening of the restaurant (startup of the unit)
  • See more detailed picture of what is happening, using a number of filters: by the place (room, table), by the time, by employees, by the type of payment and other
  • Maintain a list of clients, their game and loyalty cards with full information on the amount of purchases made by the client, and set discounts on the basis of these data
  • Make an unlimited number of different categories of discounts (percentage or a certain amount), and to establish the conditions of each category (depending on time of day, amount on the account or the bill, the number of visits for any period of time)
  • View information about all the cards in the system (discount, working, game)
  • View and edit the price list of the products in trading hall
  • View and edit the directories used
  • Export any information in text format, as Microsoft Excel file or Web page for later analysis or printing


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