Description of the "Trading floor" unit

This unit is designed to manage client accounts throughout their stay in the organization.
Модуль позволяет:


  • See the actual location of tables in the restaurant and their current status (free, occupied, will soon be free)
  • Create a bill and put orders in the system
  • Work with the customer’s bill using the terminal, or the mobile handheld computers (PDAs)
  • Book the tables for current and future dates
  • Maintain a calendar of orders for the holidays and banquets (to save contact details, number and composition of the guests, a list of pre-ordered meals, prepaid amount)
  • Navigate easily in the big range of goods, divided into different groups, as well as to browse through the entire list presented in the form of a price-list
  • Automatically detect the one who works with the customer's bill and makes changes (the operator can get access to the workplace only after identification by personal contactless plastic card)
  • Automatically print out an order with the special printer, installed on the production place and in bars, where chefs and bartenders can get it. In the order form there is noted, from which table and when the order was made, the name of the waiter, who serves the table. This helps to avoid confusion when distributing ready meals
  • Specify notes and modifiers for cooking. These data is automatically printed on the printers for cooks and bartenders, and helps to meet any customer requirements at once
  • Set discounts for the whole bill as well as for individual positions. Discount can be set by administrator manually or automatically after producing the discount credit card
  • Make prepayment and automatically take it into account with the final payment from the customer
  • Break the bill into several separate bills for those, who want dutch treat
  • Transfer the whole bill or a separate position to other bill
  • Cancel the entire bill or a separate position. However this action is usually available only for the administrator
  • Make random notes in the bill
  • Print out bill to show the customer
  • Protect information on printed, closed and paid bill from changes behindhand
  • Maintain a list of shifts, correlate bills with shifts, receive a report about the results of the shift
  • Quickly find open and closed bills in the list of all bills for the current and previous shift
  • Use a variety of additional commercial equipment (fiscal registers, barcode scanners, electronic scales, etc.)


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