Description of the “Server of game machines" unit

This unit is designed to manage the network of game machines and other various devices. It automatically reads information from the controller slot of the game machine when game card is produced, finds out the amount on this card, reduces the amount of means of payment by the value of the game and sends gaming machine controller a command to switch.

In addition to managing the switching on, the module controls all the events occurring in the network of game machines: the loss and restoration of communication with devices, all the actions with game cards, the reasons for failure of the cards (insufficient funds, invalid card, fraud attempted, etc.). All the following devices can be controlled by this module:

  • Children’s game machines
  • Carousels
  • Motordrome
  • Turnstiles
  • Billiard tables
  • Bowling tracks


In addition to the automated features the unit has also a manual control: stopping and starting of the module, locking and unlocking hubs and the individual slot machines.

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