Entertainment Center

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine any shopping mall without a children's entertainment complex. Various children game machines, all kinds of mazes, kid’s rooms, air guns and children's cafes are extremely popular among children and their parents. Operating such a complex is a very tough deal, which requires attention to every small detail.

Quartech Company is the developer of automation systems ‘GameCenter’, which will help the owners of these complexes to operate their business more efficiently and to make the report system clear and transparent.

What means "automation of children's entertainment centers”?

Any children's entertainment center is, first of all a complex of all kinds of gaming machines, or, in other words, electronic devices. Moreover, if we imagine that we put a tourniquet in place of the cashier at the entrance to the maze, or in any other part of the complex, where there is an entrance fee, it turns out that we have a large number of disparate devices, control of which is extremely time-consuming, and a reliable analysis of their work is virtually impossible. Automatization systems of children's entertainment centers are to bring slot machines and other devices (turnstiles, air guns, billiard tables, etc.) in a single computer network, which is controlled from a central server. Every slot machine is equipped with a special controller and reader of contactless cards that runs the game. These cards completely replace the usual tokens, which is much more convenient for the owners of the complex, as well as for their guests.

The scheme of children's game club with slot machines and attractions

Why do you need it.

There are many reasons why automatization of the entertainment center can be considered a transition to a qualitatively new level of enterprise management.

Increasing profits. Payback.

According to the statistics, the real increase in the profitability of the complex due to tightening control over the actions of staff and the qualitative analysis of the work of the enterprise is up to 30-40%. Thus, in the normally functioning enterprise implementation payback period estimates from two to four months.

Preventing frauds from the staff.

The standard scheme of work of a children's entertainment center involves the use of tokens, which leads to a lot of well-known problems. And the first of them is all sorts of machinations of the staff, particularly of the part that has access to the drives of tokens in slot machines. Typically, this is related to the sale of the tokens bypassing the cash register. The implementation of automation system and the transfer from tokens to the cards prevent such frauds completely. All the actions of the staff are firmly attached to the system and recorded. Thus, even if some illegal actions took place, it becomes quite easy to track them.

Convenient for staff work.

Don’t forget about the staff. Cashiers get a comfortable workplace, consisting of the cash machines with touch screen and contactless cards reader, with which they can perform different operations: to credit and charge off the card, to give guests a bonus, to receive and give a deposit for the card, to block the work of individual machines (For example, if it was broken) and many others.

The program interface is very easy to use, intuitive and designed specifically for use with touch screens. This eliminates the need for constant retrieving tokens from the machines and the counting, which also takes a lot of time. The technical staff that deals with gaming machines directly gets rid of the problems with the breakdown of tokens receptacle.

There is no secret that about 80% of automata failures occur precisely because of the tokens receptacle – because of breakdowns or just because of the tokens stuck.

This is another factor, why profitability increases, because in the weekend the breakdown of the machine, which is popular among the guests, can lead to the loss of up to 100% of the profits from its work.

Marketing. Analysis of the enterprise. Loyalty Programs for your clients.

The implementation of plastic cards provides complete control over the movement of funds in the enterprise. It becomes possible to control the price of games automatically depending on time of the day, day of the week, type of gaming machine and other factors. Providing detailed statistical and analytical information on the work of the entertainment equipment allows you to implement various loyalty programs for guests and conduct a flexible pricing policy, which has always a positive effect on the profits of the company. However the access to the system is divided between all employees. Anyone can use only those features of the system and see only that information, which are required for the performance of his immediate duties.

Plastic cards themselves are a good way to attract customers and help to increase profits.

First of all, they are easy to use. Secondly, one can apply information or just a logo of the children’s club on them. As soon as clients often take cards with them, and show them to each other, cards are a good advertisement. Secondly, contact less cards, on which there is no magnetic strip, are more preferable, since they can carry more information. Thirdly, as practice shows, with the card guest spends more money than if he had a handful of tokens.

Integrating with the restaurant. Remote monitoring.

Everybody knows about the automation systems for catering. And there is no secret that many children's entertainment complexes have a restaurant or a cafe. The “Quartech – GameCenter” system can be fully integrated with the automation system “Quartech – Restaurant”, which allows the owner to build a united information space in the company. More than that, among the most important functions of the Quartech system the remote on-line monitoring of the enterprise from anywhere in the world via the Internet can be named.

It is hard to name all the features of the «Quartech - GameCenter» system, as soon as it has great production potential. It can serve either for information kiosks, where guests of the center can check the balance on their cards, and automatic payment terminals, and automation of toy stores and issuing prizes center. One thing is for sure - the implementation of «Quartech - GameCenter» transfers the work of the enterprise on a qualitatively new level.